CHSRF releases Quality of Healthcare in Canada: A Chartbook

by admin admin | Feb 10, 2010

OTTAWA (February 10, 2010) - The Canadian Health Services Research Foundation today released Quality of Healthcare in Canada: A Chartbook.

This is Canada's first-ever chartbook on the quality of healthcare. Using the same framework employed for similar chartbooks in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia, it reports on six key domains of quality: the effectiveness of the healthcare sector; access to healthcare services; the capacity of systems to deliver appropriate services; the safety of care delivered; the degree to which healthcare in Canada is patient-centred; and equity in healthcare outcomes and delivery.

The Chartbook presents a wide range of publicly reported data, comparing healthcare performance between provinces and territories, and also showing how Canada fares in comparison to other countries.

Prepared in collaboration with the Canadian Institute for Health Information, the Canadian Patient Safety Institute and Statistics Canada, Quality of Healthcare in Canada: A Chartbook, will be a valuable resource for writing about healthcare in Canada.

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