A cross-provincial comparison of healthcare policy reform

by admin admin | Jan 31, 2011
Harvey Lazar
Adjunct Professor, School of Public Administration and Senior Research Associate, Centre for Global Studies, University of Victoria
Status: Book in progress
This book describes the policy-making processes associated with a sample of provincial healthcare policies developed over the last decade, analyzing the factors that explain why the public policy-making process for each policy unfolded in the way that it did. It also identifies patterns in the distribution of these factors across policies within a province and across provinces within a given policy domain. In addition, it aims to derive policy implications for federal and provincial policy-makers about which factors need to be in place to facilitate health-care reforms that are also consistent with improving the working of the federation. The research team examined six reform policies (alternative payment plans, needs-based funding, pharmaceutical plans, privatization, regionalization and waiting lists) in five provinces: Newfoundland, Quebec, Ontario, Saskatchewan and Alberta. The policies were specifically suggested to ensure variation across policy categories, with at least one policy from each of the following areas: (1) establishment of jurisdictional responsibilities and accountabilities; (2) financial arrangements; (3) delivery arrangements; and (4) program content (which services will be provided and to whom). This project received its funding from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and Health Canada. In 2010, CHSRF contributed additional funding for the project.