CFHI 2014 call for EXTRA program team applications

by Rachel Brown | Oct 14, 2013

Collaborative learning for healthcare improvement

Now celebrating its tenth year, CFHI’s EXTRA program for healthcare improvement supports teams of up to four health leaders in the design, implementation and evaluation of an improvement project in their own organization(s), or with multi-site teams.  During their 14-month learning process, each team works collaboratively within their organization or ministry (or across jurisdictions) to achieve efficient, high quality services that improve healthcare of their population. 

EXTRA is designed to have short-term and long-term impacts at three levels: on the participants themselves, on their organizations, and on the overall healthcare system.

Going the EXTRA mile

An organization’s commitment to their EXTRA team’s project is a pre-requisite. Improvement teams come to CFHI with the spirit of a long distance runner. They’re ready to tackle their big problem and have begun the mental calisthenics to do whatever is required to ensure they cross the finish line. Each team’s home organization is equally committed to the journey and takes on the dual role of virtual cheering squad and home-base facilitator. Long before these teams come through our program, their respective organizations’ have done whatever is necessary to ensure the desired healthcare change is successful.

Key Dates

APPLICATION DEADLINE:         February 5, 2014
RESULTS ANNOUNCED:           April 1, 2014
FIRST RESIDENCY SESSION:   August 10-21, 2014

For complete details, including eligibility and application process, please download the EXTRA 2014 GUIDE FOR APPLICANTS or contact CFHI staff at

CFHI’s EXTRA program is supported by a group of partnering organizations: the Canadian College of Health Leaders (CCHL), the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA), the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) and a consortium of 12 Quebec partners represented by the Initiative sur le partage des connaissances et le développement des compétences (IPCDC).