Consciousness, Health and Well-Being: A Transdisciplinary Approach

by Maurice Dongier | Sep 01, 1999

The CIHRs have a mandate to support "cooperative, collaborative research ventures involving researchers working in different fields and in different parts of the country," and hope to transform health research from an enterprise dispersed across individuals and disciplines, separated from delivery, and characterized by multiple agendas into an enterprise integrated across geographical, institutional and disciplinary boundaries. We believe that this mandate would be properly met, in part, by the formation of a transdisciplinary group devoted to Consciousness, Health and Well-Being. We therefore address the following five fundamental issues in this proposal:

  1. Why should human consciousness (HC) be given priority as a primary focus of investigation?
  2. How are consciousness, health and well-being related?
  3. Why is it appropriate to consider consciousness and its relationship to health and well-being from a transdisciplinary perspective?
  4. Why do we need a specific organized network to foster and publicize these investigations?
  5. How should this network be structured to meet its stated ends?