A Canadian Institute on the Disability Process

by Karen Blackford, Patrick Fougeyrollas | Oct 01, 1999

The Issue

Disability issues and the interdisciplinary field of Disability Studies have long been marginalized in health related research funding initiatives, and other areas such as the social sciences and humanities. With the exception of the Human Resource Development Canada (HRDC) – Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Strategic Grants on Disability, there has been no significant federal research funding targeted to disability related issues. This marginalization is exemplary of a much larger problem in Canada, which is the continuing systemic and interpersonal exclusion of people with disabilities. Disability oppression is an over-arching term which accurately describes the barriers experienced by people with disabilities who are stigmatized and historically disadvantaged in the economy, the state and civil society (Oliver 1990; Abberley 1987).