04 / Jun / 2018
CFHI and Health PEI Join Forces to Improve Dementia Care
04 / May / 2018
Newsletter Issue 4, 2018
03 / May / 2018
INSPIRED COPD teams accelerate their work through Ottawa workshop
03 / May / 2018
CFHI Blog: In the Dark - What I Learned About Our Healthcare System on My Way to the Operating Room
25 / Apr / 2018
Better Together helps hospitals welcome families as partners in care (overview)
When families are welcome to visit their loved ones in healthcare facilities, patients tend to do better. A growing body of evidence indicates that traditional visiting hours limiting the presence of family members can have negative effects on quality, costs and outcomes.
25 / Apr / 2018
Prince Edward Island tells families, “You’re welcome to stay.”
When CFHI launched a call for applications for its Better Together e-collaborative, Health PEI leadership was in the midst of discussing strategies for implementing patient-experience initiatives.
25 / Apr / 2018
Harbour View Hospital Family Presence
Harbour View Hospital has a diverse client population; one side of the facility houses 28 long-term care beds, while the other side provides rehabilitation and restorative care for up to 21 clients.
20 / Apr / 2018
Improvement Conversation: Front-Line Care Support Services for Cancer Patients
05 / Apr / 2018
Newsletter Issue 3, 2018
23 / Mar / 2018
CFHI Blog: Transforming the Cancer Experience