Putting patients at the centre of their care

CFHI supports initiatives that engage patients and families in designing, delivering and evaluating health services, with the goal of improving the quality of care. Co-designing improvements with patients and families leads to new insights and better results than providers and leaders working on their own.

Recognized as an international leader through our work in patient and family engagement, CFHI champions partnerships with patients and families to improve quality across the continuum of care. By harnessing the tremendous potential of engagement to drive improvement, we help organizations understand and create the winning conditions to accelerate healthcare improvement.

Bridge-to-Home Spread Collaborative

Bridge-to-Home Spread Collaborative: Partnering with Patients and Caregivers to Improve Quality and Patient Experience through Care Transitions

The Bridge-to-Home Spread Collaborative will advance the shared priority of enhancing home and community care by spreading evidence-based innovations that provide patients and families with the knowledge and confidence they need to manage their care at home or in the community.

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Better Together

Better Together

The Better Together campaign called on hospitals and healthcare delivery organizations nationwide to take the pledge and implement family presence policies as an important step toward delivering more patient and family-centred care, where families are recognized as allies for quality and safety.

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Patient Engagement Resource Hub

Looking for Canadian and international open source tools in patient and family engagement to improve health and healthcare? Visit the CFHI Resource Hub or download our app to access resources targeted to organizations, healthcare providers, patients, families and caregivers.

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Partnering with Patients and Families for Quality Improvement Collaborative

Partnering with Patients and Families for Quality Improvement Collaborative

From September 2014 to December 2015, CFHI supported 22 teams from healthcare organizations across Canada to partner with patients and families on quality improvement initiatives.

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Patient Engagement Projects (PEP) Initiative

In 2010 and 2011, the PEP initiative supported 17 patient engagement projects led by health leaders across Canada involving patients in decisions about service design and delivery, and increasing patients’ capacity to engage more meaningfully in decision-making. Projects have led to improvements in access, patient safety, efficiency and other quality domains.

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Reports and Webinars

Patient Engagement Reports and Webinars

Interested in learning more about patient engagement? Browse key resources, webinars, and reports such as CFHI’s evidence boost that will enable you to gain deeper insight to the elements that contribute to successful patient engagement in health and healthcare.

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National Health Engagement Network

The National Health Engagement Network (NHEN) is a community of practice of healthcare leaders and practitioners that promote and facilitate patient/public engagement (PPE) to improve health systems. The network works with patients, families, researchers and health entities to:

  • Facilitate information sharing of PPE and the development practices and resources amongst network members.
  • Identify membership needs in employing effective PPE practices.
  • Develop membership capacity in PPE practices.
  • Build capacity within the community of practice for PPE and development practices.
  • Promote partnerships among the diverse disciplines of network members on national PPE initiatives.

CFHI provides administrative support to the NHEN. For more information about the Network, or to find out how to join email: Isabelle.Joncas@cfhi-fcass.ca