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Nursing is of great importance to the health and wellbeing of Canadians and nurses play a valuable role in healthcare improvement. Nurses of all designations, including Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners, practice across Canada in clinical care, education, administration, research and policy settings.

CFHI has a long history of partnering with the nursing community. In 1999 the Foundation received a $25-million endowment from the federal government over ten years to establish the Nursing Research Fund. This fund sponsored research on nursing issues, built and developed the number of nursing researchers in Canada and disseminated nursing research results to decision-makers. That same year, our CADRE Program (Capacity for Applied and Developmental Research and Evaluation), a joint commitment between the Foundation and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research was launched to increase health services and nursing research capacity across Canada.

Today, nurses are important members of the interprofessional teams that we support through the EXTRA: Executive Training Program and our collaboratives.



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