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High-performing primary care is widely recognized as the foundation of an effective and efficient healthcare system.In 2017, Canada ranked 9th among 11 developed nations on healthcare quality, access, efficiency and equity in The Commonwealth Fund’s Mirror, Mirror on the Wall report.

Canada’s primary care performance has a poor standing in many categories. For example:  

Timely access to primary and specialist care (see also Access and Wait Times)
  • 43% of Canadians report they say a doctor or nurse on the same or next day the last time they needed medical care
  • 63% of Canadians report that it's somewhat or very difficult to obtain after-hours care
Coordination of care and chronic disease management
  • Only 23% of doctors say they are always notified when patient is seen in the ED and when patient is discharged from the hospital
  • Only 61% of primary care doctor say they always or often receive timely and relevant information when needed after their patient sees a specialist

CFHI supports innovations in primary care, such as advanced access scheduling and strengthening continuity and coordination of care for people living with chronic disease.




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