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Public health focuses on populations rather than individuals or diseases and provides the conditions in which people can be healthy. The Public Health Agency of Canada defines population health as: “An approach to health that aims to improve the health of the entire population and to reduce health inequities among population groups.” Population health addresses a wide range of factors that affect health and is a focus of CFHI's strategy.

Decades of research has shown that our health is primarily influenced by factors that lie outside the traditional realm of healthcare. Advances in our understanding of public health interventions, including evidence-based approaches to preventing illness and promoting healthy lifestyles, have generated significant improvements in the health status of Canadians.

As an organization that works to improve not just health services and value-for-money, but also the health of Canadians, CFHI has long partnered with public health organizations. Public health teams have participated in the EXTRA: Executive Training Program and CFHI-supported teams participating in IHI Triple Aim collaboratives have focused on achieving improvements in the health of their populations. Provincial approaches like ‘population-based responsibility’ in Quebec have made important contributions to our understanding of what it takes to improve the health of populations, lessons that are crucial to tailoring services to high-needs patients. Learn about our work in Community and Population Health »



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