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Across Canada there are many innovative ways of improving patient care, population health and value-for-money but too often they remain isolated pockets of excellence. Healthcare systems in Canada have not been successful in creating and sustaining large-scale improvements; local initiatives have proven difficult to replicate and improvement efforts are often limited in scale. Read: A Comparative Study of Three Transformative Healthcare Systems: Lessons for Canada (G. Ross Baker and J.-L. Denis)

One contributing factor may be the lack of opportunities for provincial-territorial governments and delivery organizations to work together across jurisdictions. The lack of mechanisms to support collaboration and learning across jurisdictions hinders the spread of innovative and leading practices. As the federal Advisory Panel on Health Care Innovation concluded: “. . . pockets of extraordinary creativity and innovation dot the Canadian healthcare landscape. Local, regional and even provincial programs worthy of emulation have simply not been scaled up across the nation.”

CFHI identifies proven innovations and accelerates their spread across Canada by supporting healthcare organizations to adapt and implement them. We bring together ‘coalitions of the willing’ and support these networks of change agents to implement improvement. Many of our quality improvement collaboratives focus on helping healthcare professionals work together to implement an innovation that has improved performance in a Canadian healthcare organization. Recent work has focused on supporting organizations to achieve results at scale.