Improving care for older people with frailty and supporting their family/friend caregivers

A 23-month Quality Improvement Collaborative

To improve care for older people with frailty and support their caregivers, CFHI and the Canadian Frailty Network invite you to join the Advancing Frailty Care in the Community (AFCC) Collaborative. This initiative will help you enhance your capacity to partner with patients and family/friend caregivers to improve the identification, assessment and implementation of tailored evidence-informed interventions that address frailty in primary care.

Whether your organization already has clearly established approaches for older people with frailty or is looking to develop some for the first time, our goal is to help you deliver more improvement, for more people, that lasts.


The call for applications is now closed. CFHI will communicate directly with all applicants. A merit review will take place and teams will be announced in the coming months.


What is the AFCC Collaborative?

This collaborative is based on some of the top frailty innovations from the 2018 CFN Frailty Matters Innovation Showcase. These applied innovations were presented by practitioners and experts across Canada and have been selected to be spread further across the country through this collaborative.

Using a quality improvement (QI) approach in a primary care setting, teams will systematically identify and assess frailty in populations 75 years of age and over, with opportunistic screening for those 65 years and over. Teams will then implement customized care plans for those who are frail, in partnership with their caregivers, towards slowing the progression of frailty and maintaining or enhancing quality of life.

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AFCC Key Dates

Last Updated: September 2019