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Is your team working to improve access in Mental Health and Addictions or Home and Community Care? Join us and teams across Canada to improve patient and client care and outcomes. You can use an existing project/program or start a new one - the important thing is to share your progress on patient/client outcomes and reach. Teams can enter anytime until August 2020 but the earlier teams enter, the more opportunities they have for awards. Teams with early results may lead to spread and scale and ultimately help bring about more improvement, to more people, that lasts!

How to Register

Registration for this new innovation challenge is straightforward. First, log into the Challenge Portal here and create an account. Once that’s done you can start completing the application, also found on the Portal, to determine if your team and your innovation plan will qualify. You’ll find important information about registration, here too about what will be expected in terms of team composition, the provision of baseline data and regular reporting.

Make sure you read the Official Terms and Conditions, which are also available on the Portal.

Remember, your team can include innovation sites across Canada. And every team must include a patient and/or family representative.

Challenge Portal

What’s in it for Your Team?

  • Make a difference and join others in addressing the shared health priority of improving access to home and community care.
  • Share your team’s work and raise your organizational profile.
  • Up to $400,000 available. Dollars that you can use as you choose.*
  • Connect with like-minded teams and partners across Canada doing similar work.
  • *Recipients of awards can use the funds as they choose. Use it for staff training, education, family/patient engagement, staffing or something else! See Official Terms and Conditions for full information.

Key Dates

CFHI's Priority Health Key Dates

Access Indicators

Federal, provincial and territorial governments1 have made 12 common indicators their shared priorities with a view to measuring access to mental health and addiction services, and home and community care. Teams track progress on one or more of these indicators as well as how many people they reach:

Mental Health and Addiction Services

  • Wait Times for Community Mental Health Services, Referral/Self-Referral to Services (services provided outside of emergency departments, hospital inpatient programs and psychiatric hospitals)
  • Early Identification for Early Intervention in Youth Age 10 to 25 (to be defined)
  • Awareness and/or Successful Navigation of Mental Health and Addictions Services (self-reported, to be defined)
  • Rates of Repeat Emergency Department and/or Urgent Care Centre Visits for a Mental Health or Addiction Issue
  • Hospitalization Rates for Problematic Substance Use
  • Rates of Self-Injury, Including Suicide

Home and Community Care

  • Wait Times for Home Care Services, Referral to Services
  • Alternate Level of Care Length of Stay for Inpatients Requiring Home Care Services
  • Home Care Services Helped the Recipient Stay at Home (self-reported)
  • Caregiver Distress
  • (In)appropriate Move to Long-Term Care
  • Death at Home/Not in Hospital (to be defined)

Supporting Organizations

The Priority Health Innovation Challenge is supported by a coalition of leading Canadian healthcare organizations.

Supporting Organizations

Last Updated: November 2019

Priority Health Innovation Challenge: Webinar Series

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