Community and Population Health

CFHI works with healthcare leaders to accelerate healthcare improvement for those needing it most – what is sometimes referred to as the “high risk, high cost” patient population, or the 5% of the population who rely on upwards of 60% of healthcare services and costs. There are also populations requiring care for which no appropriate options exist – those who are “high risk, high need/no cost”. These populations have unmet health needs or face challenges that the healthcare system cannot address in isolation.

 Community and Population Health

Toward Better Health and Care for Inner-City Populations

On March 2-3, 2017, CFHI and St. Michael’s Hospital co-hosted a roundtable to tackle the question: What if healthcare worked in cross-sectoral action to improve health outcomes, care and value for inner-city and marginalized populations?

Objectives for the roundtable were to:

  • Better understand our inner-city and marginalized populations and what their care needs are.
  • Explore examples of how cross-sectoral action is working toward enhanced care, health and value (Triple Aim).
  • Discuss ways to sustain, spread and scale these examples.
  • Build networks, share expertise and promote collaboration.

The outcomes of this roundtable event will inform future CFHI work to support the sustainability and spread of community-based care examples that yield improvements for marginalized populations.