What we do

We work shoulder-to-shoulder with partners to accelerate the identification, spread and scale of proven healthcare innovations that sustain improvements in patient experience, health, work life of healthcare providers and value-for-money.

The Canadian Foundation for Healthcare’s emphasis is on driving the adoption of innovations that deliver better care closer to home and the community.

Better experience of care, health outcomes and value are important to people living in Canada. Better should fuel the joy of the people who provide our care. Better means laying a foundation for long-term success, not just short-term improvements. And we can only know what better looks like by partnering with patients, families and caregivers to tap into their lived experience.

We are also guided by the perspectives of First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples in sharing learning and enhancing relationships that support cultural safety and humility.

Evaluation and performance measurement are fundamental to improvement and embedded in what we do. We support teams to measure and evaluate their improvement projects, and we measure the impact of our own work.

You can find more detail in our 2019-2021 Strategy and Logic Model.

The streams that guide our work