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Patient Partnerships in Care

Read how other organizations have made impacts in patient and family centered care through participation in the EXTRA program.


Better care for veterans living in long term care

Better care for veterans living in long term careElsie Rolls, Director of Veterans Services at the facility, launched her EXTRA improvement project with the support of an interdisciplinary team— veterans, their families, staff and other experts—to develop and implement a formal pain assessment and management program and new approach for the elderly. Read more.


Patients and Families: Partners in Transforming a Health Care System

The Challenge: Enhancing public participation in hospital planning

Saskatoon Health Region's Maternal and Children's Health Services had the opportunity to redesign their services and care experience in a proposed new facility. During the project meetings it became clear that the patient and family representatives were not actively engaged. While input into facility planning is important, collaboration with patients and families in day-to-day operations is even more important.

The Improvement Project: Redesigning Maternal and Children’s Health Services

The hospital planning structure included a steering committee and several user groups, each of which was to have patient or family representation. In order to obtain ongoing input into services and to advance patient and family-centered care a Maternal and Children's Patient and Family Advisory Council was formed.

The Result: Developing new strategies

Strategies for Leadership- Patient and Family-Centered Care Hospital Self-Assessment, which was developed by the Institute of Family Centered Care, was used as a tool to gauge the current state of patient and family-centeredness in the Region.

The Impact: Outlining barriers through literature

Literature on public participation into health care decision making outlined several barriers to participation which include: fear of reprisal, imbalances of power, physician dominance, lack of time and payment of public participants, misuse of public participation to justify unpopular decisions and a lack of orientation for public and professionals.

Leanne Smith
Manager, Maternal & Children's Planning
Saskatoon Health Region

Surgical Services Value Stream Mapping of the Patient Journey at St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital

The Challenge: Increasing quality while decreasing cost

In contrast to healthcare, the manufacturing industry has been able to progressively increase quality while decreasing cost. The best example of this is the Toyota Motor Company who developed the Toyota Production System (TPS). TPS or "lean" as it has become known in the West is a production system in manufacturing renowned for its focus on reduction of wastes in order to improve overall customer value.

The Improvement Project: Redesigning and documenting the Peri-operative Value Stream

The St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital will aim to remove activities that do not positively impact patient care. Although it is argued that the delivery of healthcare is markedly different from the production of manufactured goods, both are highly complex systems that face the challenges of volume, timeliness, diversity, safety and quality. In contrast to the orderly TPS, day to day system processes underlying clinical care are often poorly designed and do not produce a well planned, well coordinated patient journey.

The Result: Higher morale meets cost efficiency

This intervention project seeks to use lean process redesign to document and redesign the Peri-operative Value Stream Based on the experience of other healthcare organizations it is expected that Lean process redesign can improve quality of patient care and patient safety while improving staff morale and cost efficiency.

The Impact: Building on significant results seen by previous organizations

Over the past few years a number of healthcare organizations have documented significant successes with the introduction of Lean thinking.

Nancy Whitmore
Medical Program Director
Surgery and Medicine
Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance, ON