Designing an Organizational Framework for Building Improvement Capability and Capacity

Health Sciences North (ON)

The Challenge

At Health Sciences North (HSN) like many organizations across Canada we recognize that we currently lack the ability to design an effective infrastructure that will support the creation of an environment that will produce reliable improvement of key results for patient outcomes and system performance.

The Improvement Project

This EXTRA improvement project aims at designing a framework that will be used to develop the HSN infrastructure for the assessment, skills development, coaching and mentoring of an organization-wide initial group of performance improvement facilitators by June 2014. It is proposed that by building the organization’s capability and capacity for improvement, these facilitators can thereby support the spread of the use and application of process improvement techniques and lean systems thinking across the organization. The proposed research design employs a pre and post methodology. The team will use the IHI Improvement Capability Self-Assessment Tool to assess the organization’s capability before and after the intervention and PI Facilitator Self-Assessment Tool will be used to allow each participant to self-assess their skills at baseline and then post intervention. In addition post-intervention a modified version of the IHI Collaborative Team Assessment Tool will be used to assess the impact of each project that each PI Facilitator will be asked to lead as a part of the action learning process.

The Impact

The intervention project is expected to yield the following: (1) A defined curriculum that will be used to educate and train all future process improvement facilitators; (2) Defined tools that will be used to asses baseline competency for HSN PI Facilitators; (3) At least 80% of the PI Facilitators will have demonstrated progress towards goals at the end of the action and learning projects and (4) At least 80% of the PI Facilitators will self-report that they have the capability to perform the essential skills of a PI Facilitator.