St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton (ON): Claire Kislinsky, Valerie Sadler, Fiona Wilson .

St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton (ON)

  • Claire Kislinsky, Manager, Clinical Utilization, Patient Flow and Dual Diagnosis Program, St Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton, Hamilton, Ontario
  • Fiona Wilson, Manager, Patient and Family Collaborative Support Services, St Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton, Hamilton, Ontario
  • Valerie Sadler, Director, Women’s Services, Mission Services of Hamilton, Hamilton, Ontario

Improving Mental Health Care Inequalities in the Inner City

The population of the inner city area of Hamilton is home to the most marginalized and disadvantaged residents. According to the Code Red (2010) report in the Hamilton Spectator, individuals in this geographic area are the highest users of emergency department services for psychiatric and substance use reasons. The social and contextual elements of poverty have been shown to have a serious impact on the health and mental health of individuals of all ages. Access to healthcare services is less than adequate for a significant number of residents in this particular community, as these residents often have real social and economic barriers to accessing services, especially mental health and addiction services.

This project will seek to develop a model of mental health service delivery targeted at poor and marginalized inner city residents. The project will be facilitated through a partnership between St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton and Mission Services of Hamilton. This will be done using a community development model framework engaging community agencies, service users, family members and caregivers as partners in the identification, implementation, delivery and evaluation of the service model. The project will be located in a non-traditional setting for health service provision (e.g. program model as defined by the unique needs of service users).