TransForm Shared Service Organization (ON): Tony Meriano, Matt Snyder, Jen Smith, Katelyn Dryden .

TransForm Shared Service Organization (ON)

  • Matt Snyder, Chief, Transformation Office, TransForm Shared Service Organization, Chatham, Ontario
  • Katelyn Dryden, Project Planner, Transformation Office, TransForm Shared Service Organization, Chatham, Ontario
  • Tony Meriano, Chief Medical Information Officer, TransForm Shared Service Organization, Chatham, Ontario
  • Jen Smith, Clinical Practice Manager, Emergency Department, Windsor Regional Hospital, Ouellette Campus, Windsor, Ontario

Physician-Led Emergency Department Optimization Dashboard

Currently at the Windsor Regional Hospital Emergency Department (ED), there is a shortage of data on how physicians manage their patient load, workflow, and perform against ministry level ED benchmarks including assessment times and length of stays in ED. Physicians lack accurate methods of effective feedback on their individual performance.

To optimize safe, efficient best practice and develop a model for standard work leadership, physicians must have access to accurate data. This will be addressed through the Physician Led Emergency Department Optimization Dashboard. This will enable physicians to analyze how they are performing in a busy department and how they measure up according to their peers. Examples of such performance indicators on the dashboard include: the number of patients seen per hour, physician initial assessment times, ED lengths of stay, and decision to admit/discharge time. This data will be collected using automated techniques and displayed in a constructive timely fashion including targets to help guide the workflow improvement. Data collected over a longer period of time will give physicians confidence to challenge themselves to consider new strategies in their practices as they are measured with respect to their peers. It will provide feedback for productive discussion for consideration of different managerial approaches. ED leadership can use this data to address barriers that are delaying timely patient care. The goal is to have an accessible e-tool that will help create a culture of accountability, ongoing process improvement, and collaboration among leadership and physicians to create an optimum patient best practice work environment.