Bruyère Continuing Care (ON): Dionne Sinclair, José Pereira, Isabelle Bossé, Lynda Weaver .

Bruyère Continuing Care (ON)

  • Lynda Weaver, Coordinator, Quality, Patient Safety and Risk Management, Bruyère Continuing Care, Ottawa, Ontario
  • Dionne Sinclair, Director, Complex Continuing Care, Bruyère Continuing Care, Ottawa, Ontario
  • José Pereira, Chief of Department, Palliative Care, Bruyère Continuing Care, Ottawa, Ontario
  • Isabelle Bossé, Education Specialist, Learning and Development Department, Bruyère Continuing Care, Ottawa, Ontario

Ensuring Sustainable Quality Improvement at Bruyère Continuing Care

As part of Bruyère’s corporate Quality Framework, a system will be established to facilitate quality improvement responsibility and accountability at the bedside. The Framework connects the three levels of responsibility (corporate, programs, units) through a system of planning, communication, and actions. Senior leaders focus on strategic quality issues, and create the corporate quality plan with information from managers, patient safety reports, MOH data, and feedback surveys from patients, families and employees. Programs focus on program-specific quality plans that are integrated with the corporate plans and unit-specific needs. Unit-based Quality Teams focus on unit-based quality needs, and interact with the program quality committee to ensure their change ideas are consistent with or complementary to the program and corporate quality plans.