Health Sciences North (ON): Gaston Roy, Robert Smith, Joe Pilon, Ben Petersen.

Health Sciences North (ON)

  • Joe Pilon, Chief Operating Officer, Health Sciences North, Sudbury, Ontario
  • Ben Petersen, Chief Financial Officer, Health Sciences North, Sudbury, Ontario
  • Robert Smith, Medical Lead, Quality and Patient Safety, Health Sciences North, Sudbury, Ontario
  • Gaston Roy, Chief Information Officer, Health Sciences North, Sudbury, Ontario

Achieving Annual Business Results through the Rigor of PDCA

HSN has embarked on a cultural transformation that is based on the attributes of Lean Systems Thinking. We have designed and begun to implement a new business management system - Organizational Excellence (OE). This business system is based on three foundational foci: strategy deployment, executive development and lean improvement systems. This improvement project will focus on the strategy deployment component of our business system.

One of the most important cultural transformations we are undertaking is the development and implementation of a disciplined and rigorous strategy deployment process that will ensure focus and alignment on a few key priorities.

An inventory of project and improvement work this year identified that at any given time we have 250-300 initiatives under way at the same time. Prior inventories of recent years identify similar numbers. For the most part our attempts to complete these works have been slow and have seen little to limited success. Additionally we found ourselves going after shiny object that did not align with any strategic intent we had. Lean systems thinking would see us focus on a few key initiatives complete them and move on to the next initiative.

Focus and alignment will enable us to achieve our performance targets through standard work that will include monthly checks and adjustments to our planned activities and tactics if they are not achieving the planned results. The behaviours we are seeking to develop and sustain are well articulated in David Mann’s article,” The Missing Link”. These will be significant behavioural changes for senior leadership and all levels of management at HSN.