Peel Public Health (ON): Ifrah Shah, Andrea Chiefari, Kathie Brown, Teresa Ho.

Peel Public Health (ON)

  • Andrea Chiefari, Manager, Environmental Health, Peel Public Health, Mississauga, Ontario
  • Teresa Ho, Manager, Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention, Peel Public Health, Mississauga, Ontario
  • Kathie Brown, Supervisor, Tobacco Enforcement and Prosecution Team, Peel Public Health, Mississauga, Ontario
  • Dominic Reale, Residential Property Manager, Human Services, Peel Living, Region of Peel, Brampton, Ontario
  • Ifrah Shah, Specialist, Business Performance Management, Peel Public Health, Mississauga, Ontario

Evidence-Informed Policy Development for Smoke-Free Social Housing

Exposure to second hand smoke (SHS) is linked to diseases and premature death. Smoking in multi-unit dwellings is a growing concern among tenants and landlords as tobacco smoke can seep through or drift across various openings in a multi-unit dwelling. Current legislation offers minimal protection from SHS for people living in multi-unit dwellings.

 The Region of Peel is the largest rental landlord in Peel with over 16,500 residents living in approximately 7,600 multi-unit buildings. There is growing interest to move toward smoke-free living spaces. Tenants are especially concerned about smoke infiltration and potential health impacts. For landlords, the costs associated with maintaining and refurbishing a smoker’s unit are 50 to 100 percent greater than a non-smoker’s unit. Smoke-free policies for multi-unit dwellings have both health and financial benefits for the residents of Peel. 

 The goal of the project is to use an evidence-informed approach to develop and implement smoke-free policies for regionally operated multi-unit dwellings. Through our strategy, we hope to improve the living environments for our residents. Lessons learned will inform future policy and strategy development and provide a leading example of innovation and service excellence for local governments across Canada.