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Canadian Armed Forces (Federal)

  • Richard Hannah,  Director, Force Health Protection, 1 Canadian Air Division Surgeon / 1 Canadian Air Division HQ, Canadian Armed Forces - CF Health Services, Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • Scott Malcolm, Director, Force Health Protection, Canadian Armed Forces - CF Health Services, Ottawa, Ontario
  • Gordon Peckham, Commanding Officer / CF Health Services Centre Pacific, Canadian Armed Forces - CF Health Services, Victoria, British Columbia
  • Shoba Ranganathan, Chief Quality and Patient Safety Officer / Health Services Delivery, Canadian Armed Forces - CF Health Services, Ottawa, Ontario

Periodic Health Assessment Renewal

The periodic health assessment (PHA) is used to determine operational fitness (including exams required by regulations, e.g. for Aircrew), occupational and environmental health hazard exposure screening, and primary prevention/health promotion measures necessary for each member of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF).

The current PHA is cumbersome, not evidence-based, and fails to accomplish all of its established purposes.  The improvement project is focused on revising the PHA to make it evidence based and ensure it addresses its core requirements.  This is critical as the PHA in its present form is time intensive yet fails to completely capitalize on an opportunity to improve the overall health of CAF personnel.

The first phase of the improvement project will focus on the revision of the PHA based on the examination of the current PHA process where numerous problem areas have already been highlighted.  Analysis of the core requirements through the engagement of patients and stakeholders, in addition to the review of best practices and evidence will allow for the refinement of the PHA process and assist in determining whether single or multiple processes are necessary in order to fully address the core requirements of the PHA. 

The second phase of the project will evaluate the implementation of the revised PHA process in meeting the core requirements.  It is anticipated that PHA renewal will positively affect areas such as compliance, appropriateness and utilization of diagnostic tests, and the long-term prevention of disease onset and/or progression.  The PHA process will be tested and refined as required to ensure that it is achieving the stated aim and positively impacts the overall health of the CAF population.