EXTRA Team Photo

British Columbia (BC) Cancer Agency / Fraser Health (British Columbia)

  • Tammy Currie, Senior Director, Regional Clinical Operations Abbotsford Centre, BC Cancer Agency, Abbotsford, British Columbia
  • Marie Hawkins, Executive Director / Primary Health Care, Chronic Disease Management and Medicine Clinical Network, Fraser Health Authority, Surry, British Columbia
  • Shallen Letwin, Vice President / Regional Operations, BC Cancer Agency, Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Gary Pansegrau, Regional Medical Director, Fraser Valley Centre, BC Cancer Agency, Surrey, British Columbia
  • Astra Pereira, Coordinator/ Regional Operations, BC Cancer Agency, Vancouver, British Columbia

Enhancing the Community Oncology Network in British Columbia

The BC Cancer Agency has oversight for the service delivery of systemic therapy, is responsible for funding all cancer drugs and for leading the development, implementation and evaluation of systemic therapy related quality standards across BC. Currently, systemic therapy (i.e. chemotherapy) is provided by both the BC Cancer Agency and the regional health authorities in BC. At the BC Cancer Agency, systemic therapy is provided across 6 regional BC Cancer Centres and within the 5 regional health authorities, systemic therapy is provided across 43 pharmacies and clinics as part of the Community Oncology Network (CON). The CON administers approximately 40% to 50% of chemotherapy within BC.

In a CON environmental scan conducted in 2016, issues were identified related to sustainability, effective care delivery, resources, quality and coordination of cancer care between organizations. By moving to an evidence-based decision making model to help inform the CON planning, decision making and operations, the IP will be tasked with the creation of provincial CON Levels of Service and CON Performance Metrics. This will improve the quality of the patient experience, help measure and monitor performance, allow for a comparison to other organizations and ensure operational excellence.

This IP is well aligned with the BC Cancer Agency, Ministry of Health and all health authority strategic priorities. It will serve to increase accountability for all providers and health care systems, while ensuring the services that support the cancer care continuum operate like an integrated system versus a fragmentation of service providers.