EXTRA Team Photo

Nova Scotia Health Authority (Nova Scotia)

  • Susan Stevens, Senior Director, Continuing Care, Nova Scotia Health Authority, Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Glenda Keenan, Director, System Performance, Continuing Care, Nova Scotia Health Authority, Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Scott McCulloch, Physiotherapist, Team Leader, Nova Scotia Health Authority – Senior LINCS Program, Middleton, Nova Scotia
  • Bob Jenkins, Director, Continuing Care, Nova Scotia Health Authority, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

There is No Place Like Home: Building a Home First Philosophy in the Nova Scotia Health Authority and Beyond

Since 2003/04, Nova Scotia’s health care system has experienced an important shift with more patients in hospital being discharged home with home care and fewer patients being discharged to nursing homes. Over the last several years, NSHA has seen some success in advancing the home first approach in parts of the province, however, further work is needed to develop and support a comprehensive home first culture provincially, and in particular, attention needs to be directed to those areas which haven’t achieved change.

This project will thoroughly investigate the root causes of barriers to implementing a home first culture among continuing care staff, nursing home and home care providers, acute care, primary care and mental health colleagues, physicians and individuals and families receiving continuing care. This project will also investigate the successes that have occurred in specific areas of the province to better understand best practices and critical ingredients that can be spread in other areas who have not had success. Using key performance indicators, interRAI HC data, client narratives and experiences, lessons learned from across the province and best practice literature, we will develop a Home First culture and approach. This approach will result in targeted work in specific areas to realize not only improvement to the quality of care and quality of life dimensions for individuals and families, but important health system outcomes including health care resource optimization and sustainable stewardship.