EXTRA Team Photo

Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation (Ontario)

  • Linda Eagen, CEO, Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation, Ottawa, Ontario
  • Johanne Levesque, Senior VP Survivorship Care, Professional Practice, People and Culture, Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation, Ottawa, Ontario
  • John Ouellette, Executive VP, Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation, Ottawa, Ontario

Improving and Spreading Cancer Coaching

Cancer Coaching is a person-centered community service developed by the Cancer Foundation in 2011. This innovative health and social care practice actively engages clients in their care to improve their quality of life and overall wellbeing. Cancer Coaching is the synthesis of global best practices. It draws from patient navigation models put forth by the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer; survivorship care (i.e., post-treatment care) from the US-based Livestrong Foundation; and, the person-centered care model designed by the UK’s MacMillan Cancer Support. It is also based on broader evidence from health coaching practices which have been shown to outperform other advice-giving approaches in 80% of clinical trials.

The Foundation has adopted the HealthChange® Methodology (Australia) which has demonstrated the value of coaching in terms of adherence to treatment plans and behavioral change when implemented across a health system. With increasing evidence of its effectiveness, the Cancer Foundation is interested in scaling up Cancer Coaching. To that end a professional training program has been developed in collaboration with York University and a community of practice has been established. Health care providers at the Winchester District Memorial Hospital, Hospice Care Ottawa, the Vanier Community Resource Center and the Rockland Family Health Team are now offering Cancer Coaching and, virtual Coaching will soon be available. The spread of Cancer Coaching will support the integration of care closer-to-home.