The EXTRA advisory council, chaired by the former Quebec minister of health and social services, Dr. Jean Rochon, met on April 29 and 30, 2004 to evaluate the 47 applications eligible for the competition. Twenty-four fellowships were awarded.

The attached table provides a summary of the applications received and those that are recommended for funding. The summary is broken down by the following categories: organization; discipline/stream (nurse, physician, and other health services executives); and province.

The 2004 fellows are listed in alphabetical order, and the list includes the title of their intervention projects

  • Pierre Jean Allard, Chef, Division de Médecine Palliative, Service de Santé SCO - Ontario
    Developing a Strategic Plan to Ensure Basic Palliative Care Skills in Physicians Trained at the University of Ottawa

  • Luc Boileau, Président-directeur général, Agence de développement de réseaux locaux de services de santé et de services sociaux de la Montérégie - Québec
    Development and Systematic Adjustments in Regional Supervision of RLSs to Maximize Supply of Services and Action on Health and Wellbeing Based on a Population-Based Approach

  • Lindsay Campbell, Interim Vice-President, Population Health & Resources, Cape Breton District Health Authority - Nova Scotia
    Hospitalization for Ambulatory Care Sensitive Conditions: Reduction in Admissions Through Chronic Disease Prevention and Management

  • Maureen Cava, Manager, Professional Practice, Planning and Policy Directorate, Toronto Public Health - Ontario
    Professional Practice Framework for Toronto Public Health

  • Marilyn Field, Assistant Deputy Minister, Human Resources, Public Service Secretariat, Government of Newfoundland & Labrador - Newfoundland and Labrador
    Increasing Organizational Performance by Cultivating Stronger Employment Relationships: How Human Resource Management Strategies Can Increase Quality of Care

  • Sonja Glass, Corporate Manager, Risk Management and Quality Improvement, Grey Bruce Health Services - Ontario
    Creating a Patient Safety Culture at Grey Bruce Health Services

  • David Goldstein, Medical Director, Acute Pain Services, Kingston General Hospital - Ontario
    Promoting the use of portable computers for the assessment of patients on acute pain services

  • Heather Hoxby, Director of Nursing Practice, St. Joseph's Hospital - Ontario
    Implementation of Nursing Best Practice Guidelines in an Ontario Urban Teaching Hospital

  • Kirsten Krull-Naraj, Vice-President and Chief Nursing Officer, Patient Care Services, Royal Victoria Hospital - Ontario
    An Integrated System of Primary and Secondary Care to Deliver Health Care at the Right Place, at the Right Time, and at a Research-Based Standard

  • Esther Leclerc, Directrice, Direction des soins infirmiers, Centre hospitalier de l'Université de Montréal - Québec
    Review of Delivery/Quality-Security-Continuity Models in a Context of Scarce Human, Financial, and Material Resources

  • Nancy Lefebre, Vice-President, Knowledge and Practice, Saint Elizabeth Health Care - Ontario
    K2P: Integrating the Use of Research Evidence in Decision-Making at Saint Elizabeth Health Care

  • Denise Mauger, Directeur, Développement organisationnel et adjoint au D.G., Institut de réadaptation de Montréal - Quebec
    Implementing a Long-Term Organizational Development Strategy

  • Heather McPherson, Chief of Health Disciplines, Professional Advisory Committee, Sunnybrook & Women's College Health Sciences Centre - Ontario
    A Women's Health Institute Model for Sunnybrook & Women's and Beyond

  • Patricia O'Connor, Associate Director of Nursing, Montreal Neurological Hospital, McGill University Health Centre - Quebec
    Increasing Patient Safety by Reducing Risk Related to Falls and Other Adverse Events

  • Jean-Claude Plourde, Directeur général, CLSC Mer et Montagnes - Québec
    Responsibilities and Influential Relationships of Executives in Developing an Integrated Services Network in a Rural Setting

  • Linda Sawchenko, Site Director, Kootenay Boundary Regional Hospital, Interior Health - British Columbia
    Introducing Advanced Practice Registered Nurses to Promote Primary Healthcare in Rural British Columbia

  • Corinne Schalm, Vice-President, Business Planning & Resources, Shepherd's Care Foundation - Alberta
    Development and Implementation of a Balanced Scorecard

  • Iain Smith, Pharmacy Manager, Queen Elizabeth Hospital - Prince Edward Island
    An Evidence-Based Functional Plan for the Integration of Institutional-Based Pharmacy Services into a Regional Health Care System

  • Susan Smith, President, Wayfinder Consulting Incorporated - Nova Scotia
    Physician Resource Planning - Impact Assessment

  • Steven Soroka, Associate Professor, Division of Nephrology, Capital District Health Authority - Nova Scotia
    Determining and Implementing Components of an Electronic Data Management System to Enhance Management of Chronic Kidney Disease in Nova Scotia

  • Lynn Stevenson, Leader, Professional Practice/Chief Nursing Officer, Fraser Health Authority - British Columbia
    Patient Safety: Moving from Theory to Practice

  • Vincent Tam, Directeur des Services de Réadaptation, Hôpital de Réadaptation Lindsay - Québec
    Application of the Case-Mixed Group Model in Neurology Client Triage and Referral

  • James Worthington, Vice-President, Medical Affairs, The Ottawa Hospital - Ontario
    With Service Reductions at Hospitals During Christmas/New Year, What are the Savings and how is Access and Quality Affected?

  • Brock Wright, Chief Operating Officer, Health Sciences Centre and Vice President & Chief Medical Officer, Winnipeg Regional Health Authority - Manitoba
    Striving for Excellence in Patient Care

2004 EXTRA Fellowship Competition: Application and Award Profile