Institut national de santé publique du Québec & Centre de santé et des services sociaux de la Vieille Capitale (QC)

  • Jaques Beaulieu, Conseiller cadre en développement de pratiques de qualité, CSSS de la Vieille Capitale, Québec, Québec (Executive Advisor, Quality Practice Development) 
  • Sylvie Vézina, Chef d'unité scientifique, Institut national de santé publique du Québec, Québec, Québec (Head, Scientific Unit)

Le décideur « connaisseur » Modèle d'accompagnement vers la gestion du savoir

The Informed Decision-Maker: A Support Model for Knowledge Management

Our intervention project aims to respond to two types of common and conjoined problems: 1) the difficulty in taking ownership of a complex decision in health care settings; 2) how to make informed decisions based only on partially available knowledge. We therefore crafted guidance for managers, which focuses on the thoughtful use of knowledge when making complex decisions in health care settings. Essentially, our project has filled a void, i.e. support for managers through increased awareness of population data, as well as better understanding and better use of this data in order to fulfill the population-based responsibility, which behooves the LSSSS and is vested in the CSSS.

The impacts of our project focus on CSSS governance, program management and health information that is accessible, understandable, usable (in content and format), and available in accessible locations and through various learning paths. The project has prompted the Executive Director of the CSSS to reflect on the optimal use of different types of knowledge that support decision-making, as well as a partnership with the IPCDC to support change management and the fulfillment of population-based responsibilities. Within the INSPQ, awareness about data production processes has been increasing in order to include support for end-users of the information, i.e. local managers.

Beyond the results of this experiment, the EXTRA fellows’ experience, in terms of organizational impact, can be summed up as follows: firstly, skills development for the fellows. The EXTRA experience has fostered the development of new skills, i.e. the co-build approach or “the path forward together" and has helped introduce and support new organizational practices. The fellows played a leadership role in their organization and contributed to strengthening the culture of evidence-informed decision-making. In addition, the EXTRA experience constitutes an unanticipated "lever". Through the course of the project, the CSSS committed to developing a clear vision for each element of its continuous improvement efforts including the expectations and needs of its population. Moreover, the CSSS reaffirmed its commitment to better understanding and using population data, which is now required of the planning staff. By committing to the EXTRA program, the INSPQ clearly demonstrated its dedication to decision making support as it relates to the fulfillment of population-based responsibilities. The experience has also yielded a clear positioning on the part of the INSPQ as to the practices behind the production of useful information. A vision that is more inclusive of these quality practices is part of its future strategic planning. Finally, the closer collaboration of our organizations through the convergence of ideas around governance, including the use of knowledge in decision-making, continuous improvement and organizational performance, is an interesting and positive outcome of this project.

In terms of potential spread, our project has already been used all four organizations within the national capital region through the development of population data products, which are adapted to the client base through the Soutien à l’autonomie des personnes âgées (SAPA) initiative (a home support program for seniors), in order to feed the development of a common vision for the catchment area. It is now possible to use this approach is in other branches of the CSSS de la Vieille-Capitale, in particular, and for other CSSS across Quebec.