High-performing primary care is widely recognized as the foundation of an effective and efficient healthcare system. In 2017, Canada ranked 9 among 11 developed nations on healthcare quality, access, efficiency and equity in The Commonwealth Fund’s Mirror, Mirror on the Wall report. Ensuring people living in Canada have access to high quality team-based primary care when they need it and integrating this care with other health and social services is a key priority for transforming healthcare.

Through our own stakeholder outreach, CFHI heard that primary care reform and integration is a priority for governments and health systems. Provincial and territorial governments are pursuing a variety of initiatives to improve their primary care systems.

Primary Care Roundtable: Sharing What Works to Accelerate Primary Care Improvement

In April 2018 CFHI hosted a primary care roundtable of decision-makers, researchers, clinicians and patients from across the country, with a focus on exploring efforts to improve primary care in their jurisdictions and identifying common themes where CFHI can provide support.

CFHI commissioned three reviews from the North American Observatory on Health Systems and Policies and Nova Scotia Health Authority as background for the roundtable. The reviews explored jurisdictions across Canada that have improved primary care and the policy levers that can accelerate their spread to other areas of the country.

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Quality Improvement in Family Medicine 

CFHI partnered with the College of Family Physicians of Canada to research and inform the design of a quality improvement (QI) strategy for its members. This included an an environmental scan of QI resources available both nationally and internationally, including a focus on the current status of training programs available to family physicians across Canada’s provinces.  In addition to providing the results of the environmental scan, CFPC requested that CFHI include recommendations on a QI strategy for the College. For more information see the summary.

CFHI co-hosted a pan-Canadian invitational symposium in collaboration with the CFPC, Health Quality Ontario, and Réseau-1 Québec in September 2018. The symposium brought together educators, clinicians, policy-makers, representatives from government, CFPC provincial Chapters, patients, and other Canadian and international stakeholders with the goal of better supporting quality improvement methods at the front lines of primary care. For more information see CFPC’s Practice Improvement Initiative (Pii).

Last Updated: December 2018