Cree mother and child imageFirst Nations, Inuit and Métis continue to face more health challenges than other Canadians, including higher rates of chronic diseases, infectious diseases and suicide, and a lower life expectancy rate. Despite some northern and Indigenous communities having successful health services and outcomes, significant gaps (or disparities) remain between the health services and quality of care available to these regions compared to non-Indigenous and urban communities.

CFHI is committed to supporting partners address this gap. We work alongside provincial-territorial government departments, regional health authorities, and Indigenous organizations and groups to co-develop, implement and evaluate solutions that improve the delivery of culturally-appropriate and safe care. Our ongoing learning opportunities and collaborative workshops facilitate relationship building, promote health reconciliation and empower organizations with improvement tools, resources and knowledge. Working alongside partners, CFHI aims to contribute to the shared priority of achieving better access to health services and health outcomes for Indigenous peoples.


Canadian Northern and Remote Health Network

CFHI brings together healthcare organizations and health authorities who provide services to northern and remote populations to identify solutions that address the challenges these regions face. The Canadian Northern and Remote Health Network aims to improve the health status of people living in northern and remote regions in Canada by providing decision makers, leaders, policy makers and practitioners the opportunity to share success stories, build improvement capacity, and identify innovative solutions for better care delivery. Learn more. 

Promoting Life Together Collaborative

The Promoting Life Together Collaborative is a co-designed learning program supporting the Canadian Northern and Remote Health Network. Six multi-disciplinary teams and their community partners from across northern and remote parts of Canada are participating in the collaborative to enhance life promotion and community wellness for people living in northern and remote regions of Canada. Learn more. 



The Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement acknowledges its office in Ottawa is situated on the unceded traditional territory of the Algonquin nation.


Last Updated: November 2018