Home is Where the Health Is: Scaling up INSPIRED approaches to COPD care


Shifting Chronic Disease Care Closer to Home Reduces Hospital Use


Results from health systems participating in INSPIRED show that providing the right services to support Canadians with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in their homes has improved quality of life for patients while also dramatically reducing hospital readmissions and emergency department visits. Now we’re supporting six teams from across the country to reach more providers, sites and patients through the INSPIRED scale collaborative.


Informational Webinar
Held August 16, 2018
Presentation: INSPIRED COPD Scale Collaborative Informational Webinar 

Patient Stories

INSPIRED Patient Stories

Living with COPD is a struggle for many patients and their families and their care is often uncoordinated. Read the stories of patients and their families who were supported to better manage their chronic disease through INSPIRED. Hear their stories » 



A deadly, prevalent, and costly chronic disease

COPD is a progressive lung disease that includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema, and is characterized by debilitating breathlessness. At least 800,000 Canadians live with COPD and people with advanced COPD are among the highest users of Canada’s hospital resources. Of the chronic diseases, COPD is the number one reason for hospitalizations in Canada, accounting for the largest number of inpatient admissions from emergency departments and readmissions.

One in four Canadians is expected to develop the disease in their lifetime, meaning the impact of COPD will worsen in the coming years unless we begin to meet more of the needs of people with COPD and other chronic diseases outside of hospital.


The INSPIRED COPD Outreach ProgramTM was developed by Dr. Graeme Rocker and two colleagues, a respiratory therapist and a spiritual care practitioner, at Capital Health in Halifax (now part of the Nova Scotia Health Authority) based on extensive input from patients and their caregivers. INSPIRED is a hospital-to-home model of care, providing specialized support for patients living with moderate to severe COPD and their families.

INSPIRED is a supportive program that equips patients to better manage their illness by providing them with: written action plans for managing their disease; phone calls after they are discharged home and at later intervals; at-home self-management education and psychosocial support; and advance care planning when needed. Patients in the program are also given a day-time telephone number to call for support.

INSPIRED Spread Collaborative

In 2014–15, CFHI worked with 19 teams from healthcare organizations in all 10 provinces in an improvement collaborative that aimed to transform care for people living with COPD and support their caregivers. Now we’re building on this first phase by scaling up with six of these teams to reach more providers, sites and patients.
Learn more about the initial spread of INSPIRED »

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INSPIRED Resource Hub

INSPIRED Resource Hub logoVisit our INSPIRED Resource Hub, where healthcare leaders, providers, patients and families can find resources on shifting COPD care from hospital- to home- and community-based models. Look for resources on self-management education, action plans, advance care planning, and evaluation for quality assurance. Browse resources on the INSPIRED Resource Hub »



INSPIRED COPD Outreach Program™ Change Package: Implementing an INSPIRED Approach to Care for Patients Living with Advanced COPD

This change package outlines all the components of the INSPIRED COPD Outreach Program™ and provides resources, tips and a suggested measurement approach. Download the INSPIRED Change Package »


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