Better Together: Partnering with Families e-Collaborative

Part of CFHI's Better Together Campaign:
Spreading Family Presence Policies to Accelerate Healthcare Improvement

Held April 5, 6, 11, 2016



Did you know?

  • A family presence policy is an innovation that enables patients to designate one or more family members as partners in care who have unrestricted access to their loved one during hospitalization.
  • Evidence shows that family presence can improve patient experience and outcomes.

Consider this

Traditional restrictive visiting hours can isolate patients at their most vulnerable times from the people who know them best and can place them at risk for adverse events, emotional harm and inconsistent care.

While 90 percent of surveyed health sector professionals and the general public are supportive of family presence policies, in 2015 only 25 percent of surveyed Canadian acute-care hospitals received top marks for having visiting policies that promote family presence and patient and family-centred care.1

CFHI is inviting expressions of interest from healthcare delivery organizations to participate in a new quality improvement e-collaborative focused on helping organizations implement policies that welcome family members as partners in care and allies in quality and safety.

Join us!

This informative session will be presented by a team of clinical improvement experts and hosted by Maria Judd, Senior Director, Patient Engagement and Improvement at CFHI.

What’s in it for you?

A chance to:

  • Increase your understanding of family presence and how it can affect quality, costs and patient outcomes
  • Learn how some healthcare organizations are successfully implementing policies that enable family members to stay by their loved one’s side 24/7
  • Discover how your organization can benefit from CFHI’s e-collaborative called Better Together: Partnering with Families, and hear about its format, content, activities and application process


1 Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement (2015). Much More Than a Visit: A Review of Visiting Policies in Select Acute Care Hospitals. Ottawa.


Meet your presenters

Angela Morin imageAngela Morin | CFHI Faculty
Angela has been partnering with healthcare professionals providing input in policy and facility design, quality improvement and program development as a patient and family experience advisor since 2011. She is currently the Co-chair of the Kingston General Hospital Patient and Family Advisory Council and is a member of the Southeast Regional Cancer Centre PFAC. She sits on the Board of Health Quality Ontario, is a Client and Family Advisor to Accreditation Canada and Co-Chaired the Quality of Care Information Protection Act Review Committee. A graduate of Queen's University, Angela has extensive experience motivating and coaching professionals as a Career Transition Consultant. Her experience supporting a close friend through her cancer journey continues to motivate her to bring the patient and family voice to all levels of healthcare.

Patricia OConnor imagePatricia O’Connor | CFHI Faculty and Clinical Improvement Advisor
Patricia is a Clinical Improvement Advisor at CFHI and the Senior Advisor, Patient Engagement, at the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC), where she also served as the Director of Nursing and Chief Nursing Officer. An assistant professor in the Ingram School of Nursing at McGill, she is a Certified Health Executive and Past President of the Academy of Canadian Executive Nurses. She has completed CFHI’s EXTRA Fellowship (2004-06), CCHL’s Fellowship (2007-09), and in 2008-09, a U.S. Commonwealth Fund Harkness Fellowship in Health Policy and Practice. She has expertise in leading large scale initiatives that engage patients and frontline staff in co-designing care delivery system improvements, as well as in the development of high performing, interprofessional teams, and in health services research.

Eleanor Rivoire imageEleanor Rivoire | CFHI Faculty
Eleanor is an Independent Patient Engagement and Healthcare Advisor and former Executive Vice-President and Chief Nurse Executive at Kingston General Hospital, and an Assistant Professor, School of Nursing at Queen's University. She is a senior healthcare executive with more than 30 years of experience within the clinical, education and administrative domains of professional practice. She has a keen interest and expertise in transforming the patient experience with a focus on patient- and family-centred care, as well as with models of interprofessional practice and education. She is engaged in managing changes that bring about policy and process improvements within healthcare and professional practice, and result in improved quality and safety outcomes.


Maria Judd imageMaria Judd, Senior Director, Patient Engagement and Improvement, CFHI

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