Caring for the 5%: Healthcare for Those Who Need it Most – Webinar Series

Commencing fall 2014, CFHI is pleased to present this new series, which focuses on caring for those who need it most. The ‘5%’ need no introduction – we commonly speak of high users, frequent fliers, high-risk, high-cost patients, and complex patients. But do we really know them?

The 5% are the people in a given population who use a disproportionate amount of healthcare services – using as much as 60-70% of total healthcare services (and therefore, spending) over a given time period. We know healthcare use and spending is likely to always be highly skewed – very sick people will continue to ‘consume’ more healthcare resources than others and that’s how it’s supposed to be. Truly caring for the people (for whom ‘the 5%’ represents) requires a shift in how and where care is delivered – more focus on involving patients and families in self-management and less reliance on facility-based care, as examples.

With this topic trending across the country and internationally, so too are the solutions: Lean and the IHI Triple Aim are among the quality improvement approaches along with new techniques like “hot spotting” and old faithfuls like managing whole-population health. These efforts – and this On Call series – are about better care for patients and families who need care the most.

Join CFHI as we reveal the names and faces of those who care for and represent the 5% across Canada. Sessions will focus on: