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Data Boot Camp: How to Get Your Data Into Shape!

When working with data and measurement, one critical question that must always be assessed is: How can I know that my improvement data is good enough to drive healthcare transformation? Using data effectively – which includes data preparation and processing, measuring the right things the right way and establishing good data management practices – is key to achieving high quality, data-driven insights that support healthcare improvement.

Join CFHI as we launch a new 3-part Data Boot Camp series focused on giving healthcare organizations a ‘jumpstart’ on obtaining and using high-value data for quality improvement. Participants will receive specific strategies, tools, and techniques for transforming raw data into useful information for real time quality improvement.

The Data Boot Camp Series will focus on:

  • Understanding how to assess data quality from various sources, including electronic data (e.g., electronic medical records) and manually-collected data (e.g., audits and time-and-motion studies)
  • Knowing which approaches, tools, and techniques to apply to improve data quality for improvement
  • Establishing appropriate data management policies to help ensure useful data is available to those who need it, when they need it, for improving healthcare

Sessions in the series:

Introduction to Healthcare Data for Improvement

Held October 14, 2015

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On October 14, get back to the basics and join CFHI for an interactive session that introduces participants to:

  • What healthcare data quality is and how it impacts performance measurement;
  • How to use data effectively to accelerate quality improvement initiatives;
  • The various dimensions of data quality and data-driven performance; and
  • Measuring, evaluating and sustaining improvement using data.


Melanie Rathgeber imageMelanie Rathgeber is a CFHI measurement coach and president of Merge Consulting, specializing in using data for quality improvement. During the webinar series she will demonstrate the value of collecting data over time, the use of run charts to determine evidence of change, how to construct and analyze charts, as well as the use of control charts to explain gaps in quality.

Melanie’s improvement experience spans a variety of health care sectors including primary care, mental health and acute care. Melanie led improvement and measurement initiatives at two provincial quality councils (Saskatchewan and BC) and more recently switched her focus to mental health where she worked first hand with staff and patients to measure and improve quality of care.

Melanie has a passion for teaching and has been Faculty with BC’s Quality Academy since its inception in 2010, responsible for content on measurement and other fundamental QI techniques. She has received training from international experts on appropriate data display and analysis for quality improvement and enjoys delivering and advising on this material. Her other keen area of interest is optimizing the role of patients, clients, and families in improving health care services.

Trevor Strome imageTrevor Strome has nearly two decades of healthcare informatics and analytics development experience. In his current role at the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority Emergency Program, Trevor leads the development and implementation of informatics and analytics tools for use in healthcare quality and performance improvement initiatives. He is also Assistant Professor with the Department of Emergency Medicine, University of Manitoba, where he participates on clinical and operations research projects and lectures on topics relating to data science, informatics, and quality improvement.

In addition to achieving Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, Trevor has certifications in both Lean and Six Sigma. Trevor has been involved in the successful commercialization of health informatics technology, including an Emergency Medical Services data system launched in cooperation with the University of Alberta and other commercial partners.

Trevor has co-authored three book chapters and numerous articles on healthcare topics, and is author of the book Healthcare Analytics for Quality and Performance Improvement published by John Wiley & Sons. You can read numerous healthcare analytics articles, download additional resources, and learn more about Trevor`s book on his blog at


Christine-Quinn-100Christine Quinn, Senior Improvement Lead, CFHI