The First Nations Health Managers Association: Links and Leadership

Part of CFHI's Recommended Learning Journey on Indigenous Health.

Held March 2, 2016



Did you know?

  • Canada’s Indigenous peoples (First Nations, Inuit and Métis) experience greater health disparities than non-Indigenous Canadians, including poorer health outcomes and shorter life expectancies.
  • But not Indigenous peoples all experience poor health. Some communities lead the country in community-based health promotion and in holistic health approaches.

Consider this...

Most First Nations communities manage and deliver public health, health promotion, and mental health services. More complex care needs are accessed from provincial/territorial health systems.

In First Nations community health, the health manager is a key leader and vital link to health organizations and systems. These health managers are supported by the First Nations Health Managers Association (FNHMA).

Join us!

Join us on March 2, when Marion Crowe, Executive Director of FNHMA, explains the critical role FNHMA plays in providing leadership for health managers. This interactive webinar will help participants understand how FNHMA supports professional development, networking, and research for health managers, and how this relates to implementing quality health standards and practices in First Nations communities.

What’s in it for you?

A chance to learn about:

  • FNHMA’s history, mandate, programs, and services
  • The role of community-based First Nations health managers
  • FNHMA’s certification program for health managers

Meet your presenters

Rose LeMayRose LeMay, Director of Northern and Indigenous Health, CFHI

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Marion Crowe, Founding Executive Director, First Nations Health Managers Association

Marion Crowe is a Cree woman from the Piapot First Nation in Saskatchewan. With experience in Health Canada and the First Nations and Inuit Health Branch, she has extensive experience across program development, health systems policy, health human resources and financial management. Assisting community members in the development of professional development opportunities and certification has always been a keen interest to Marion, as she was a founding director on the Board for the Saskatchewan Chapter of the Aboriginal Financial Officers Association. Marion has been awarded achievement milestones and recently was honoured to receive the 2015 Xerox Canada AFOA Excellence in Aboriginal Leadership National Award.