Making Data Matter: Real-time Measurement for Healthcare Improvement

October 10, 2013
12:00 - 1:00pm ET


The healthcare system is inundated with data, indicators and dashboards. Buried in the numbers is an essential function of high-performing healthcare organizations: relying on data to guide quality improvement. But how well do healthcare providers and their organizations rely on data to understand healthcare pathways, processes and systems? To what degree are decisions based on timely and accurate data? Oftentimes, data is too old to make timely decisions, or providers are skeptical about the validity of the information. Collecting and displaying data in 'real-time' enables healthcare leaders and staff to rely on data in a meaningful way that improves the quality of care of patients and families. Run charts and control charts are simple yet powerful tools to analyze data in real-time.

On October 10, 2013 join CFHI for an interactive session on using real-time data for quality improvement in healthcare.

Melanie Rathgeber, a consultant specializing in using data for quality improvement, will demonstrate the value of collecting data over time, the use of run charts to determine evidence of change, how to construct and analyze charts, as well as the use of control charts to explain gaps in quality.

Geoff Schierbeck, a Registered Nurse and lead for Surgery and Medication Safety at Interior and Health in B.C., will share ways to construct and analyze run charts, how to interpret them and apply the findings, and how this data allows his team of healthcare providers to better understand care processes and improve quality of care for patients and families.

In this session, participants will learn:

  • the value of using run charts and control charts to track real-time improvement and how the results can be applied to clinical and administrative decision-making. 
  • the basics of constructing and analyzing run charts and control charts, and when to use each. 


Kaye Phillips imageKaye Phillips

Kaye Phillips is Director of Evaluation and Performance Improvement at the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement.

Kaye brings ten years of experience in applied research and evaluation to her position. Kaye is responsible for leading the design, implementation and integration of performance measurement and evaluation across CFHI’s programs and in supporting regional improvement teams from across the country generate learning’s and demonstrate measurable outcomes.

Kaye holds a Ph.D. from the University of Toronto’s, School of Social and Administrative Pharmacy and is an alumna of the Ontario Training Center in Health Services and Policy Research (OTC).

Guest Presenters and Coaches:

Melanie Rathgeber imageMelanie Rathgeber

Melanie is the founder and lead consultant of MERGE Consulting, a health system improvement firm based out of British Columbia. Her experience in improvement and evaluation have provided her with a strong basis to facilitate and lead both small and large scale improvement initiatives. Melanie’s improvement experience spans a variety of health care sectors including primary care, mental health and acute care. Melanie led improvement and measurement initiatives at two provincial quality councils (Saskatchewan and BC) and more recently switched her focus to mental health where she worked first hand with staff and patients to measure and improve quality of care.

Melanie has a passion for teaching and has been Faculty with BC’s Quality Academy since its inception in 2010. She has received coaching from international experts on appropriate data display and analysis for quality improvement and enjoys delivering and advising on this material. Her other keen area of interest is exploring patients’ experiences with health care and optimizing the role of patients, clients, and families in improving health care services.

Geoff Schierbeck imageGeoff Schierbeck

Geoff Schierbeck is an RN with a critical care background in Canada and the US. He joined the quality department in 2008 and is currently the lead for Surgery and Medication Safety in Interior Health in B.C. He is a graduate of the British Columbia Patient Safety and Quality Council’s Quality Academy and has a keen interest in quality improvement through the use of data.