Webinar Series: Patient Partnership in a Time of COVID-19

Since 2010, the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement has led and championed partnerships with patients, family and caregivers to improve quality across the continuum of care. But the COVID-19 pandemic brings a new reality to patient partnerships as we, together, navigate a fast-moving healthcare sector with high pressure and increased risks.

Together with our partners, the CFHI is hosting a series of discussion webinars to facilitate pan-Canadian conversations about patient engagement during this pandemic.

Spotlight Series

The Spotlight Series is a responsive webinar series that raises the voice of Canada’s healthcare improvers and innovators to shed light on ways to address the most pressing challenges in healthcare across Canada. The series will feature strategies for improvement that are transferable and offer benefit in the longer-term, for example, ways to embed sustained improvements and nurture an enabling environment for improvers and improvement alike.

Webinar Discussion Series: Community Dementia Care and Support

There are more than 419,000 Canadians aged 65 years and older diagnosed with dementia; and more than 78,000 new cases diagnosed every year among this age group. In addition, more than 460,000 people living in Canada are care partners for a person living with dementia. For many people, living well means living independently, or in their homes and communities, and for as long as possible. As dementia progresses, people can require more help with daily activities, which is often provided by family or friends as care partners.

Working together with partners and people dedicated to improving the experience of care for people living with dementia and care partners, we have identified emerging and demonstrated innovations that have improved early diagnosis of dementia and coordination and navigation of community supports.

CFHI/CPSI Webinar Series: Next Steps in COVID-19 Response in Long-Term Care and Retirement Homes 

As part of the suite of offerings, a virtual learning series – Next Steps in COVID-19 Response in Long-Term Care and Retirement Homes – with webinars and national huddles will bring people together to share promising practices and learn from others tackling similar challenges.

Virtual Learning Exchange in Virtual Primary Care

Participate in a collaborative online learning exchange with northern health leaders, patient and Indigenous partners, in virtual primary care.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Healthcare

Emerging technologies continue to transform healthcare in Canada. The latest advancement? Artificial intelligence (AI) and data-driven care. AI is a tool that can support health professionals improve patient outcomes through optimizing areas such as, diagnostics, treatments, preventative medicine and care delivery. Canada is one of the first countries to develop an AI strategy, but is our health sector ready to receive it? What is its potential, and what are the enablers for its adoption?