Shifting Culture, Shifting Care: From ‘Usual Care’ to Chronic Care – Webinar Series

Series Description:
Health systems in developed countries, including Canada, are working to move from usual care to a new model of chronic disease management and prevention. In this country, more than half the adults live with at least one chronic condition and one-third live with two or more. Patients with complex health needs often report suboptimal care. And, more than half of all healthcare spending is allocated to treating and managing chronic diseases – an estimated $68 billion annually.

Canada’s healthcare services require an urgent shift from an acute care focus to one that is centered on good chronic care treatment, which means a whole-person knowledge of the patient, clearer accountability for the totality of care, and relationships with specialists that improve care and increase primary care expertise. Please join CFHI for this special On Call series where experts from across the country will:

  • Discuss the challenges we face, along with the requirements to shift our healthcare focus
  • Highlight optimal conditions for chronic care improvement and explore what kinds of changes are needed to improved chronic care
  • Address the unique challenges of providing chronic care treatment in rural and remote areas of Canada – and emerging technologies to support this care
  • Address the readiness of family caregivers to provide chronic care in a home setting

Sessions in the series:

Hear from our esteemed international panel of guest speakers, including:

  • Canada: Jeffrey Turnbull, MD, FRCPC, Chief of Staff, The Ottawa Hospital
  • Canada: Clare Liddy, MD, M.Sc, Clinical Scientist, C.T. Lamont Centre
  • United States: Edward H. Wagner, MD, MPH, Group Health Research Institute Senior Investigator, Director (Emeritus), MacColl Center
  • Scotland: Hans Hartung, MD, MRCP, Consultant Respiratory and General Physician at NHS Ayrshire and Arran
  • Canada: Laurie Poole, Vice President, Ontario Telemedicine Network
  • England: Morag Farquhar, Senior Research Associate at University of Cambridge
  • Canada: Denise Nauss, Family Carer, INSPIRED COPD Outreach Program


Jennifer VermaJennifer Verma, Senior Director, Collaboration for Innovation and Improvement, CFHI

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claudia-amar-107Claudia Amar, RN, BScN, MHA, Improvement Lead, Collaboration for Healthcare Improvement, Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement

Claudia joined CFHI in 2012 and brings six years of nursing experience, including three years as a COPD clinical case manager at the Centre Hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CHUM). Claudia continues her work in COPD as the co-lead of the INSPIRED Approaches to COPD Care: Improving Care and Creating Value Collaborative - a spread collaborative supporting 19 teams from every province across Canada. She is also the project lead of the evaluation for CFHI's Atlantic Healthcare Collaboration in Chronic Disease - in addition to co-designing and implementing the evaluation, Claudia offers support to the teams involved from across Atlantic Canada. Another noteworthy project is Claudia's leadership of CFHI’s organizational self-assessment tool, Accelerating Healthcare Improvement: CFHI’s Assessment Tool. Claudia holds a Master of Health Administration from the University of Montreal and is also a graduate of the University of Montreal School of Nursing.