On Call Innovation Conversation

Using Canadian Case Studies to Improve Healthcare for Inner City and Marginalized Populations

Held May 31, 2017



Did you know?

  • It is estimated that 5% of the population relies on more than 60% of healthcare services and costs.
  • Some high risk/high cost populations – such as inner city and marginalized – have unmet health needs because there are no options for care.
  • CFHI is profiling Canadian healthcare organizations that are successfully using population health-based initiatives to improve care and service for their inner city and marginalized populations.

Consider this …

The Triple Aim framework was developed by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement to focus on enhanced experience of care, improved population health, and reduced per capita costs of care.

In Canada, this approach is being reflected in the innovative work of several healthcare organizations that are working across sectors, using population health-based initiatives, to improve health and outcomes (including costs) for inner city populations.

CFHI is drawing together case studies profiling the efforts of these organizations, in order to:

  • better understand who comprises inner-city and marginalized populations, and what their needs are
  • learn from examples of cross-sectoral initiatives in the Canadian context
  • promote sharing and collaboration between local innovators
  • explore ways to sustain, spread and scale these examples
  • help build and share expertise

This On Call session will explore a cross-analysis of some promising case studies and shed light on the factors that have made these initiatives effective.

Join us as we:

  1. discuss how the population health-based approach is creating impactful improvement for the most vulnerable populations
  2. learn about innovative population health-based initiatives being used by organizations delivering care to inner city and marginalized populations
  3. explore how CFHI is working to strategically advance the use of the Triple Aim framework in Canada

Be part of the conversation!

This interactive On Call session will present the results of preliminary case studies profiling population health-based initiatives for inner city populations.


Sandra EdelmanSandra Edelman
Sandra is currently a public health, chronic disease services and primary care manager with Vancouver Coastal Health. She has been working in health services for about 16 years in various leadership roles. Over the last few years and in large part due to the work she did in establishing the HealthConnection Clinic with the Division of North Shore physicians, she has been awarded the B.C. provincial Health Care Hero award and two People First awards from Vancouver Coastal. As well, her clinic team received recognition at a recent BC Quality Forum. Prior to working in health, Sandra was a director in the B.C. government, most notably implementing the provincial child support enforcement program. She also taught university courses in the social sciences for several years in a northern B.C. college. Sandra’s undergraduate degree from Simon Fraser University and her Master’s degree from UBC are in sociology.

Dale McMurchy Dale McMurchy
Dale McMurchy is an independent consultant with nearly 30 years’ experience. She has a diverse background and has worked for numerous international, academic, governmental and private organizations, including Pricewaterhouse-Coopers; IBM; Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre; the Department of Community Health at the University of Cape Town; the World Health Organization (WHO); the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA); the World Bank; the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO); and the Federal Department of Finance.

Dale’s expertise is in policy and planning, research and evaluation, program management, and health economics, with a focus on population and public health, primary health care, Indigenous health and well-being, and childhood development. Her recent experience includes working with the Ontario College of Family Physicians on a project to advance practice improvement in primary care and a project to inform primary care sector transformation. Other notable projects include developing Yukon’s chronic disease prevention and management strategy; evaluating Ontario's  Family Health Teams; evaluating B.C.’s heart failure strategy; and evaluating the Canada's Community Action Program for Children (CAPC) and Canadian Prenatal Nutrition Program (CPNP).

Dale is secretary of the Board of the Kawartha North Family Health Team and chairs the Quality Improvement Committee. She was co-chair of the North American Primary Care Research Group's Committee on Advancing the Science of Family Medicine (CASFM) Cost Analyses Working Group, and is on the Association of Ontario Health Centre's Research Advisory Committee. 


Jennifer VermaJennifer Verma, Senior Director, CFHI

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