On Call Innovation Conversation

Value-based Healthcare by Design: Identifying Promising Innovations in a Canadian Context 


Part 1

Jennifer Zelmer, President & CEO, CFHI
Neil Fraser, President of Medtronic Canada and Member of the Federal Health and Biosciences Economic Strategy Table
Dov Klein, Vice President, Innovation & Strategic Partnerships, Plexxus

Part 2

Jennifer Zelmer, President & CEO, CFHI
Paul L’Archevêque, Dirigeant de l'innovation au Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux
Erik Sande, President, Medavie Health Services

Who should participate?

Health system leaders, healthcare providers, patient organizations, government officials, and industry representatives who have an interest in transforming how health services are designed, organized, delivered and evaluated.

What is value-based healthcare?

Value-Based Healthcare (VBHC) is becoming a leading approach to improving patient and health system outcomes around the world. It links dollars spent to outcomes that matter to patients, rather than to the volume of services or to specific services processes or products that may or may not achieve those outcomes.

Put simply, the goals of VBHC are to deliver better care at the same or lower total cost.

There are different models of VBHC, from bundled payment to outcome-linked funding and various procurement innovations. As an approach, VBHC recognizes that what works best for whom in different contexts will vary, and knowledge will evolve over time.

In these interactive web-based sessions, participants will learn about:

  • The key foundational concepts of VBHC
  • Current VBHC activities in Canada, including early lessons to support implementation and spread
  • The report from Canada’s Economic Strategy Tables: The Innovation and Competitiveness Imperative, which includes recommendations for value-based procurement.   

Participants will be asked to provide input on a set of key criteria for assessing potential VBHC initiatives.