Promoting Life Together Guidance Group

Carol Hopkins
Thunderbird Partnership Foundation

Dr. Brenda Restoule
First Peoples Wellness Circle

Dr. Ed Connors
First Peoples Wellness Circle-Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention

Bill Mussell
Mood Disorders Society of Canada

Denise McCuaig
Collaborative Coach

Dr. Marion Maar
Northern Ontario School of Medicine

Will Landon
Youth Representative

Karla Thorpe
The Mental Health Commission of Canada

Mara Grunau
Centre for Suicide Prevention

Elder Albert Dumont

Nancy Parker

Kelly Brownbill
Collaborative Coach

The Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement (CFHI)

Carol Fancott (Co-Chair)
Director, Patient and Citizen Engagement for Improvement

Despina Papadopoulos
Senior Improvement Lead, Northern and Indigenous Health

Meghan McKenna
Improvement Lead, Northern and Indigenous Health

Lise Labrecque
Senior Evaluation Lead

Katrina Dumont
Evaluation Analyst

Last Updated: November 2018