The AHC collaborative approach incorporated a number of features to support teams through the quality improvement process, developed based on CFHI’s Improvement Model. CFHI provided tailored curriculum content and training to improvement project teams to develop their skills and knowledge to become change agents in healthcare improvement.

Core curriculum components focused on:

  1. Away-from-home faculty-led workshop sessions (four two-day workshops in total over 24 months) that drew on CFHI’s Improvement Approach and were delivered in the Atlantic region with faculty and experts in chronic care, including Dr. Edward Wagner, leading clinical care expert on chronic care management from GroupHealth Research in Seattle. Watch Dr. Wagner’s presentation on chronic care improvement.
  2. Team-led improvement projects, supported by a mentorship and coaching model (involving academic mentors and improvement coaches ) and conducted at home organizations
  3. Completion of online learning curriculum and webinars between workshops and facilitated via the Atlantic Desktop, an online internet-based learning platform
  4. Network-building

All of these elements, along with worksheets and recommended readings, extend CFHI’s training-based improvement approach. Emphasis is placed on supporting development of teams’ skills and competencies to model their improvement interventions by using evidence from research and practice for the design and implementation; to design and execute the intervention; and to monitor progress and inform the evolution of their intervention.