INSPIRED ResultsCFHI worked with 19 teams across 10 Canadian provinces to adapt and implement COPD management best practices to improve patient- and family-centred care, coordination of care from hospital to home settings, appropriateness of care as well as reduce ED visits, hospitalizations, lengths of stay and unplanned readmissions for patients living with advanced COPD and their families.


As of May 2016, INSPIRED teams already show over 885 patients enrolled across programs. Across six teams, three months post-program data shows a total of 146 patients who experienced a notable reduction in hospital admissions with a drop of 80% compared to pre-program. This group of 146 patients had a combined total of 180 hospitalizations in the 3-month period before they started the INSPIRED program. In the 3-month period after INSPIRED, their number of hospitalizations dropped to 33.

Five-year forecast

Five-year ForecastA recent study showed that an INSPIRED program implemented across Canada could have an average patient enrollment of 5,800 patients over the first five years.




The program could prevent:

  • 68,500 ED visits
  • 44,100 hospitalizations
  • 400,000 bed days

The reduction in utilization could translate into a prevention of healthcare costs over 5 years:

  • Saving $79 million in ED costs
  • Saving $644 million in hospital costs

After five years, there could be a total net benefit of $688 million.

Patient Stories

Patient StoriesLiving with COPD is a struggle for many patients and their families and their care is often disjointed. Read the stories of patients and their families who were provided the knowledge and tools to better manage their chronic disease through the INSPIRED program. Learn more »