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The Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement (CFHI) supported nine Canadian teams to participate in the Triple Aim Improvement Community (TAIC), a 10-month collaborative to achieve better population health, better healthcare experiences and improved per capita cost of care. The nine Canadian organizations are part of a larger international cohort participating in the TAIC, which also includes organizations from the United States, Denmark, Sweden and the United Kingdom.


Strong Canadian and CFHI presence at Triple Aim Conference in San Diego, California: A golden opportunity for Canadian participants

TAIC-SanDiego2014Our 2014 Team Canada spirit was strong at the recent IHI Triple Aim Conference south of the border. Yes, our Canadian Olympic athletes were giving us bragging rights with their impressive medal haul, but so too were our own TAIC teams who proudly shared their own success in healthcare improvement. A Canadian Lunch and Learn session gave Canadian teams a chance to share their progress on their Triple Aim work, discuss common challenges that have been identified across all areas and begin to plan ways to successfully sustain and spread their projects once the formal TAIC program is complete in June 2014.

TAIC-SanDiego2014-2 The San Diego learning session, held February 12-13, 2014, included attendance of more than 132 TAIC members from across Canada, the United States Denmark, Sweden and the United Kingdom. The two-day event saw a number of plenary sessions including highlighting the experience of organizations like Alaska’s South Central Foundation and their journey with population management using the Triple Aim approach as well as topics such as engaging patients, families and communities and bringing improvement to population health management through the Triple Aim approach. This is the only time during the program that teams from across all countries can come together to learn and share their experiences using the Triple Aim approach.



Over the course of the 10 months, TAIC teams:          

  • Selected one or more populations (or segments) for focus, with a business, policy and/or community rationale for addressing that population.
  • Established a robust infrastructure for executing projects and initiatives based on Triple Aim strategies.
  • Developed specific “how good by when” population aims and use of corresponding measures to track progress.
  • Selected and executed a set (or portfolio) of inter-related projects that, in concert, can achieve results.


CFHI is currently evaluating the experiences of Canadian teams in applying the TAIC in Canada. Measuring and evaluating the success of the program will help strengthen our stakeholder’s skills, competencies and reinforce our commitment to using evidence to implement healthcare improvements.  Learn more »