Jeanette Edwards

Jeanette Edwards

Jeanette Edwards is the Strategic Lead for Community Health, Quality and Learning with the new Shared Health organization in Manitoba. The Mission of this organization is to bring Manitobans together to create equitable, safe, accessible, trusted and sustainable pathways to care. Shared Health leads provincial planning, delivers provincial services and values all voices. Jeanette has led the provincial quality, patient safety and accreditation project as a part of the provincial health transformation work. This work has formalized a provincial quality and learning framework which will support the implementation of the provincial clinical and preventive services plan.

Prior to this, Jeanette was Regional Director of Primary Health Care and Chronic Disease with the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority. In addressing broader primary health care principles Jeanette's portfolio supported public and patient engagement and intersectoral collaboration. Jeanette also led the Specialized Services for Children and Youth (SSCY) initiative. Over the last several years, Jeanette served as Special Advisor to the Deputy Minister on Primary Care providing support for primary care renewal policy development and strategic action planning.

Jeanette is a surveyor with the Accreditation Canada. She has assisted in the development of the community health standards, the Aboriginal accreditation processes and in surveying independent organizations and health systems across the country and internationally. Jeanette is currently also co-chairing the Primary Health Care Technical Committee for the Health Service Organization developing new international standards.

Jeanette remains active teaching at the University of Manitoba.

Jeanette has had extensive and varied board experience including work with local and national community voluntary organizations, professional regulatory bodies, Accreditation Canada to name a few.