10 Lessons Learned From Patient and Family Advisors

May 19, 2020

The Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement supports patient-centred healthcare improvements that engage patients and families in their design, delivery and evaluation. Through the work of CFHI collaboratives in quality improvement, Patient and Family Advisors have provided insights into what works best for them to partner in meaningful ways.

Co-designing solutions with patients and families often provides project teams with more diverse perspectives, greater insights and better results than those experienced if working on their own.

The lessons learned from Patient and Family Advisors include clarifying their role; equipping them with the information they need to be successful; and seeking to include more than one Patient and Family Advisor on any initiative.

The power of patient experiences, stories and feedback is significant; however, engagement and partnership extend beyond telling stories. Patient and Family Advisors can provide their perspectives and insights throughout all phases of an initiative.

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