Healthcare Improvement Planner

Mar 10, 2021

February, 2021

This Healthcare Improvement Planner will help with documenting plans and actions to implement a healthcare improvement initiative that aims to create lasting improvement in patient, family, and/or caregiver experience, health, and/or work life of providers.

Review the questions and information in this planner at the initial stage of planning a healthcare improvement initiative, together with the team who will be responsible for leading the improvement initiative, including patient, family, caregiver partners and staff who will be impacted by or who can influence the change.

With the team, revisit the Planner regularly and update it as needed to guide your healthcare improvement efforts.

Sections of the Healthcare Improvement Planner include:

  • Problem and aim statements
  • Creating a team
  • Engagement to help guide and communicate your improvement efforts
  • Measurement to help you choose a family of measures to track and monitor your progress against your aim(s).
  • Challenges and opportunities to overcome and build on to improve the chance of early and long-term success.
  • Sustainability and long-term success planning
  • Spread planning to help expand the reach
  • Action plan template
  • Additional tools and resources that can support planning of healthcare improvement initiatives.

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