Our Approach and Strategy

How We Do It: The CFHI Way

By forging genuine relationships, we not only connect the dots but create dots where none exist. The foundation of our relationships is our commitment to pay as much attention to your experience of collaborating with us as we do to the evidenced-informed knowledge, tools and resources we collectively create and share. Our commitment to being nimble and responsive to the needs of the healthcare systems means we embrace a truly innovative spirit focused on finding, spreading and scaling solutions that work.

By working together, bringing people together, we aim to create a ripple effect that becomes a movement for meaningful and sustainable improvement.

Everything starts by meeting you where you are at. Together, we share experiences, learn by doing from both intended and unintended outcomes, and go further than we could alone.

Because improvement is a team sport.

Our Strategy

The Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement engaged with hundreds of stakeholders across the country to refresh our corporate strategy for 2019-21. This strategy focuses on making change happen by delivering more improvement for more people – and making it last – with a renewed emphasis on delivering better care closer to home and community.

Our Logic Model

CFHI’s Logic Model explains how we support healthcare innovation and improvement, as well as the outcomes we aim to achieve.

Download Our Logic Model