Saying Thanks as my Journey Begins

by Jennifer Zelmer, President | 05 Oct, 2018

Thanksgiving Day is just around the corner and this year, in particular, I have much to be thankful for.

CFHI’s team and Board have been wonderfully welcoming since I joined the organization in September. Their knowledge and talents are deep and varied, essential elements to delivering on our commitment to better health and care.

This is a goal that we also share with our many partners across Canada. 

We owe a particular debt to the patients and caregivers who share their experiences to help co-design improvements that will benefit people who share similar paths to theirs. For instance, a few days ago, Kathy Smart shared her insights with people from across Alberta who are striving to improve care for those with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) as part of the INSPIRED COPD Collaborative Regional Roundtable. 

Likewise, I am grateful for the many dedicated individuals and teams from across the country with whom we work shoulder-to-shoulder to make care better. Teams like those working on shifting care from hospital to home; the appropriate use of medications; a palliative approach to care that provides the right care, in the right place, at the right time; improving the quality and experience of patients through care transitions; and those supporting partners to contribute to closing the gap in Indigenous Health. 

While this represents just a small sample of our work, the heavy-lifting of these individuals and teams is a perfect example of all the ways change is happening. 

Supporting their efforts are faculty, advisors, and volunteer reviewers who help guide the way. They are essential to the success of all CFHI’s programs. So too are our partner organizations – the local, provincial/territorial, national, and international groups that we work with to design and accelerate innovations that deliver more improvement to more patients and families, care providers, and the health system as a whole.

It will take all of us and more to deliver the on-going improvements in patient experience, access, quality, and value that Canadians expect and deserve. 

As I begin my role as President and CEO, my mantra is ‘listen, learn, and connect.’ That’s why I am also very thankful to all those who have generously given me their time and thoughtful advice on CFHI’s direction. As we share our refreshed corporate strategy over the coming weeks, I will look forward to hearing your thoughts on how we can chart our way forward together. 

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