Are you ready to deliver more improvement for more people, and make it last?

by Jennifer Zelmer, President | 02 Apr, 2019

I am excited to share with you our plans to launch two new outcomes-based innovation challenges focused on delivering more improvement for more people – and making it last. Supported by a coalition of leading Canadian healthcare organizations, we’re aiming to build a community of innovators, connect them with experts and other resources to accelerate change, and reward creative solutions that deliver lasting results.

These Challenges are for teams that want to move the dial on health outcomes, working together to reach more people. Participating teams benefit from program support and other resources, connections with other innovators, and the potential to receive awards. Teams can gain profile as they improve access and outcomes.

The Priority Health Innovation Challenge focuses on identifying and growing promising innovations in two shared health priorities – improving access to mental health and addictions services, and home and community care. Over 18 months, the Challenge will support teams to move the dial on one or more of 12 common indicators, from wait times for community mental health services and rates of self-injury to access to homecare services that help recipients stay at home and caregiver distress.

Did you know that “open innovation” challenges have been used as far back as Napoleon’s time and have been rediscovered in recent years? They can be an effective way to:

  • Identify promising innovations
  • Support the spread and scale of proven innovations
  • Celebrate success and foster widespread participation
  • Building communities that support people and organizations with a common goal

The Momentum Challenge is for teams that have recently completed CFHI programs and want to ensure long-term success by working over 12 months to embed and expand their proven innovations to reach more people who could benefit. This “invitation only” Challenge is open to teams that have participated in the INSPIRED COPD Scale Collaborative, Connected Medicine Collaborative and New Brunswick Appropriate Use of Antipsychotics Collaborative.

These two Challenges line up with CFHI’s mission to work shoulder-to-shoulder with partners to accelerate the identification, spread, and scale of proven healthcare innovations. Together, we will identify and grow promising innovations in shared health priorities, while expanding proven innovations to reach more people.

Are you ready?